Work Processes

Send Request

At the first stage, the client must send a request by completing the form at the request page.

Contact With The Client

We will contact with the client via e-mail, after agreeing on the project we will send an order number and must pay the earnest of 15% of the total amount before beginning the prototyping stage

Prototypes Design

After payment of earnest money will start to design prototypes of the project, after completion we will send a copy of the design to client for taking notes

Project Development

After the client's approval of the design will start to build and develop the project

Project Test

After the completion of the project we will test it and send a copy to the client to review it. finally adoption of the project

Payment and Delivery

After the adoption of the project, pay the remaining percentage of the total amount

Project Request

Please use the form below to send the project request.

I agree to the terms of servics